Siemtecha offers flow measurement services with non-invasive FLEXIM flow meters: from a single measurement point to a comprehensive flow audit in large facilities. Measurements are taken without interrupting the process and are independent of the application, pipeline type, pressure, or temperature. No additional preparation is needed.

FLEXIM’s non-invasive flow meters provide the opportunity to:

  • Check the operation of existing metering devices;
  • Detect leaks in pipelines;
  • Evaluate the efficiency and performance of pumps;
  • Perform compressed air flow measurements;
  • Perform gas consumption measurements – nitrogen, oxygen (medical oxygen);
  • Perform heat energy consumption measurements;
  • Determine the effectiveness of valves and seals;
  • Test the functionality of fire-fighting systems;
  • Temporarily replace malfunctioning metering devices;
  • Perform measurements in areas without existing meters;
  • Conduct measurements during equipment startup and calibration;
  • And many other applications.

For more detailed information about FLEXIM’s non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters and the best individual solutions for you, please contact the professional Siemtecha engineering team.

Companies that have used this service:

  • AB “Vilniaus šilumos tinklai”
  • AB “Kauno energija”
  • AB “Klaipėdos energija”
  • AB “Grigeo”
  • AB “Kauno grūdai”
  • AB “Volfas Engelman”
  • AB “Panevėžio energija”
  • UAB “Klaipėdos vanduo”
  • UAB “Jonavos vandenys”
  • UAB “Kėdainių vandenys”
  • UAB “Utenos vandenys”
  • UAB “Kretingos vandenys”
  • UAB “Axioma service”
  • UAB “Medgana”
  • UAB “City Service Engineering”

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