About us

Siemtecha has successfully accomplished a large number of projects in various industrial and infrastructure sectors since 2009, both in Lithuania and in the international markets. The company’s main fields of activities are solutions for automation of industrial processes and machinery, building management systems (BMS), inclusive design, production, installation, start up, maintenance and specialized training services.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a “one-stop-shop” for services ranging from professional consultations at any stage of your project to the best solutions and equipment for optimizing your technological processes, digitizing production lines, servicing equipment, and specialized personnel training. As well as, to always conduct our activities in compliance with environmental requirements and ensure favorable working conditions for employees.

Our vision

Our vision is to nurture and contribute to the development of a friendly, efficient, and innovative industrial sector in Lithuania and abroad. Within our company, we promote a culture of continuous learning and have assembled a team of experienced professionals to ensure the highest value-added, modern solutions for your business and to help you grow your competitive advantage over other market participants in the context of rapid technological progress.

Brand values


Siemtecha has a high credit rating and impeccable financial discipline. We offer only highest quality products from our internationally recognized partners. We ensure transparent pricing and fair communication with our customers.


We foster a culture of continuous learning within the company: our team members are constantly improving their professional knowledge and skills so that we can offer you the most modern, high-value-added, innovative solutions and help you achieve your maximum technological potential together!


We apply the SA 8000 ethical employment standard and the ISO 45001 international certification standard for occupational health and safety management systems in our operations. In order to protect the environment, we continuously optimize our technological processes.

Our partners



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