The Best Available Techniques Conclusion for Waste Incineration plants (hereafter – BAT) came into effect at the end of 2023. The BAT for monitoring states: the sampling for dioxins, furans, and PCB-like dioxins should be done using a long-term sampling system, replacing the “spot” sampling technique.

“Siemtecha“ has innovatively addressed the needs of the end customer by integrating the DX100 long-term sampling system (manufacturer Opsis AB) into an Arctic shelter (manufacturer Intertec-Hess GmbH), ensuring necessary protection and efficient operation of the system in extreme cold conditions. An additional “added value” of the DX100 system is its option for CO2 sampling, enabling the determination of the ratio between fossil and non-fossil fuel in the total fuel balance.

If your company’s operations are subject to BAT requirements and you are looking for solutions to meet the new standards, contact the proffessional “Siemtecha” team. We can be your solutions provider. Our responsibility does not end with the system installation; we are ready to continue providing services, performing routine tasks to determine pollutant concentrations from the sorbent of the sampling system.

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