Industrial Automation

Knowledge and experience in industrial automation is our key asset. We are well aware of the challenges our customers face, and therefore we can offer all needed services from a single source – from designing stages to production lines and control systems installation.



In order to increase efficiency in various industry sectors, robots must be integrated in the manufacturing and automation processes. Robot systems allow the optimization of production processes by increasing productivity, reducing production costs, automating manual work and improving flexibility.

Industrial robots can perform hard, monotonous and unskilled work, so that companies need fewer workers while existing employees may be offered a retraining course.

Investments in robots also pay off faster, and savings are made.

Industrial robot solutions offered by SiemTecha allow customers to automate their manufacturing processes and save money.

Industrial Automation Solutions

SiemTecha integrates innovative industrial automation solutions in a variety of industry sectors. Our technologies ensure efficient production processes and their smooth control.

Our Industry Automation Services include:

  • Automation and control systems
  • Operator control devices
  • Robot production lines
  • Production control systems
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Power supplies
  • Control devices
Industrial Automation Solutions
Control and measuring devices

Control and measuring devices

Measure, record, control, position. These are the actions relevant in most industries, thus, exceptional attention must be paid to high precision and absolute reliability of control and measurement devices.

Gas analysis systems contribute significantly to technological processes and product quality optimization, as well as ensure sustainable and environmental friendly production processes.

Weighing and dosing systems are found in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, etc. We can offer solutions for all weighing and dosing applications.

Our company is the official representative of these control and measuring equipment manufacturers: Siemens AG, Fluid Components International LLC, Process Sensors Corporation, Metra Energie-Messtechnik GmbH, Flexim, Opsis AB.


Asset management

Automation of production processes is impossible without innovative production control technologies. Our solutions make it easier to optimize your resources and ensure flexible production control.

SiemTecha offers innovative production control and asset management systems that will reduce production costs and improve manufacturing-related processes. With this system, a large part of manual work is transferred to the system, employees no longer need to enter data into old accounting programs, and companies can organize their activities more smoothly.


Asset management
Vibration monitoring and analysis

Vibration monitoring and analysis

Industrial machines cause vibrations and noise. Their lifetime is directly affected by the vibrations, therefore mechanical elements wear out. Vibration monitoring is a crucial solution in order to ensure vibration control and longer lifetime for industrial equipment.

SiemTecha offers top quality solutions for vibration monitoring and control in various industrial and manufacturing sectors. Advanced vibration analysis technology allows you to avoid equipment failure in time, accurately monitor the system’s technical condition and ensure smooth manufacturing processes.

Low voltage devices

We offer low voltage equipment and products for electricity supply and distribution in industry, buildings and infrastructure. We take care of all electrical equipment, from a switch to a socket.

Our services include not only the supply of low voltage devices, but also electrification, distribution network services, energy saving solutions and other energy solutions.

Low voltage devices

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