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Future building technologies are inseparable from innovative security systems and cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions. Our building technology allows reducing energy consumption costs and automating building functions, as well as provides greater comfort and security.

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Security and control solutions

Security and control solutions

Security and control systems are integral parts of a modern building. Our security solutions cover fire protection and fire prevention, burglar alarms, access to the building control system and video surveillance.

Our security and control solutions include:

  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Access control systems
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Leakage (water, oil and chemical products) detection systems
  • Fire protection and fire prevention
  • Video Surveillance Systems

Building automation solutions

We introduce advanced, up-to-date building automation systems that combine various building technologies to ensure optimal comfort and minimal expenses. Our building automation solutions include high-end HVAC systems for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.
By working in harmony with each other, these systems will ensure functionality and economy in all types of buildings.

Building automation solutions
Home automation solutions

Home automation solutions

The home automation and control system Synco living will handle the most important home functions –the HVAC system, lighting, etc., while also reducing energy consumption and optimizing home comfort. This means up to 30% saved heat and lower CO2 emissions.

Synco living lets you easily and comfortably control your home’s functions, as well as visually see energy consumption data. The Sync Living system meets all A class performance requirements and the EN 15232 standard.

Low voltage devices

We offer low voltage equipment and products for electricity supply and distribution in industry, buildings and infrastructure. We take care of all electrical equipment, from a switch to a socket.

Our services include not only the supply of low voltage devices, but also electrification, distribution network services, energy saving solutions and other energy solutions.

Low voltage devices

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