The long-term experience and continuous development of our engineers enable us to offer our customers the best solutions and equipment at any stage of their project, from design and selection of equipment to the final stages of the project.

Siemens Solution Partner

Environmental technologies

In a time when environmental solutions are more and more relevant, we offer equipment for drinking water preparation, sewage treatment and monitoring of air quality. Technological solutions are suitable for the food industry, municipal water supply and wastewater management companies.

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Building Technologies

Future building technologies are inseparable from innovative security systems and cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions. Our building technology allows reducing energy consumption costs and automating building functions, as well as provides greater comfort and security.

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Drive technologies

We offer innovative drive technologies that will ensure the reliability and efficiency of the gear system. Drive technologies include frequency converters, gear motors, gear units, asynchronous motors, servo drives and various types of couplings – all these technical solutions and devices guarantee energy efficiency and maximum productivity in all voltage categories, and with various operating parameters.

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Industrial Automation

Knowledge and experience in industrial automation is our key asset. We are well aware of the challenges our customers face, and therefore we can offer all needed services from a single source – from designing stages to production lines and control systems installation.

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One of our specialties is reliable and advanced low, medium and high voltage energy distribution and installation technologies. The demand for electricity as the main energy source for industry and infrastructures is increasing day by day. Every business faces different challenges, and has different needs. Our job is to offer flexible and efficient solutions that ensure optimization of work processes and productivity.

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