Building control and automation systems in “Penta” business center



Company: "Technopolis"

Country: Lithuania

Siemtecha has integrated building control and management solutions in a newly opened Vilnius-based business center Penta. Our implemented systems include HVAC, smoke ventilation, lights, blind control systems. We also installed a technology that allows displaying building performance and energy data in the building management system (BMS).

We have implemented a system that scans building's energy, water and heat meter readings and transfers them to the Technopolis server.

Among other technologies, we have also installed CO2 control systems, ventilation, humidity and temperature control of the premises, and ductwork control solutions. The business center also features a time-based lighting control system that responds to day and night mode thus ensuring cost efficiency. The building has installed KNX switches and DALI protocols for lighting solutions.

BMS features a non-standard display of LG hardware signals.

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