About SiemTecha

Constant advancements in technology is the driving force of today's world. High value-added solutions in various industrial and infrastructure sectors ensure their growth and contribution to the common future.

Professional technical expertise, long-term experience and an extensive portfolio of projects are the strengths of our company, which allows us to offer our customers up-to-date solutions in various fields of industry, automation, and electrical engineering.

About company

Siemtecha has been successfully providing professional solutions and services since 2009, both in Lithuania and in international markets. The company’s main fields of activity include automation of industrial equipment, building engineering systems and technologies, installation, maintenance and specialized training services.

SiemTecha has implemented more than 300 projects in various countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Belarus and Russia.

The long-term experience and continuous development of our engineers enable us to offer our customers the best solutions and equipment at any stage of their project, from design and selection of equipment to the final stages of the project.


Solution Partner Certificate 2018
Certificate of qualification
“The strongest in Lithuania” certificate

“Quality standards and certification”

ISO 9001:2015 / LST EN ISO 9001:2015 LT
ISO 9001:2015 / LST EN ISO 9001:2015 EN
ISO 14001:2015 / LST EN ISO 14001:2015 EN
ISO 14001:2015 / LST EN ISO 14001:2015 LT

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